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My name is Nick Keenan! I love all things Cyber security. I started out as most people do in the IT field playing computer games. Then the next thing around the late 1990’s I was poking around friends' and families computers doing hardware installs and repair and cleaning up computers. I was very interested in hacking and how hackers got into systems. I started doing research, and the first tool I came across was Sub7 a Trojan horse program man that was a fun tool to play with, I did make some friends and family members a little on the grumpy side but it was a great learning experience, mind you back in the 2000’s pc were not buttoned up like they are today. 

In 2000 my lovely wife gave birth to our first child and at that time I was working for a logging company by day and doing PC repair in the evenings. But my household financial needs grew as the stork delivered a few more. IT jobs in my area back in the late 90s were few and far between so I did mechanic work, got a trades certificate, and that was the bread and butter. 

So some years back I started using Linux operating system and even today Ubuntu is still my daily driver. That led to Kali Linux and then on to wifi hacking with tools like Wifite and Aicrack-ng, and armed with an Alfa AWUS036NHA USB wifi adapter which was capable of monitor mode. So poking around with home labs set up on a dell T610 server using VMware and then Proxmox which in a home lab environment is my favorite. For Cloud environments, I really like Linode as it is so user-friendly and affordable.

So I got thinking how do I break into this cyber security world and get a job? So I thought Hmmm? maybe I could go to college? And that's what I did, I attended Eastern College and enrolled in their Cyber Security and Advanced System Management 2-year course. Was an awesome course where I learned not only the technical side of IT but the business side as well. 

 Writing about Cyber and doing research is educationally beneficial, and If I can help someone that's a bonus. I have interested in a broad range of Cyber roles and also have a huge interest in programming as well. Started out learning Java and then I moved on to Python. I find once you get the basic pivoting from one language to the next becomes easier, mind you, I am by no means a professional programmer maybe ill get there sometime.

I am currently seeking work if you're looking for someone.

Doing what I love to do!

Thank you!

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