It makes total sense, people being social critters, that phishing scams would be our Achilles' heel. A Phishing attack pokes you through email text or phone calls. Phishing attacks can happen on any social media platform. I have even found phishing scams on Job Boards so always be mindful. I like to compare Phishing to Fly Fishing, the reason being, in fly fishing you need a hook just like every form of fishing, but in fly fishing, presentation is also a factor. 

Phishing is when you get an email that looks like it's from your bank and could even read “We have detected unknown login into your bank please click here and submit your credentials” we do not want to click that link! I know what you are thinking who would click that link, well what about grandma or grandpa? It is a good idea when visiting your parents/grandparents to ask questions, find out if they had computer issues or maybe they had some nice gentleman contact them and fix their computer “such a nice man!”, and “when they were finished they got money out of my bank on their own, you know how I dislike online banking”. I bet you can finish this story on your own. So when you can't think of a conversation, while visiting with grandma or grandpa say “hay! Did you hear about how such and such had all the money in their bank stolen”  Grandma “ O my how did that happen”. A Phishing scam.

So! Wondering what happens if you click that link?

When the link is clicked you will be redirected to a web page that will look exactly like your bank's login page. And once you authenticate, you are dropped and the hackers carry on to your bank account. Two-factor authentication will not save you from this hack. Sounds simple enough want to learn more click here! .

I have some examples of legit scams have a look!