Dark Web Environment Setup

When poking around the dark web It's important that you don't pick up any unwanted hitchhikers or other types of Malware, so let's be extra careful. All the software in this tutorial is free and to my knowledge the easiest and safest way to Traverse the DarkWeb. 


Hear’s a quick run-through of the applications involved.

VirtualBox is a type two hypervisor.  Hypervisors allow multiple instances of VMs (Virtual Machine). Virtual Machines can be computers or servers. VirtualBox is a free and open source software, originally created by Innotech GmbH, acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2008, then in 2010 obtained by Oracle. There are other types of Hypervisors like Hyper-V(Windows). But in this tutorial, we will be using VirtualBox as it works seamlessly with Whonix. 

Whonix is a Linux operating system, security-hardened, and with strong privacy and anonymity features built into this system, it’s ideal for surfing the DarkWeb. Whonix was founded by Patrick Schleizer, This operating system consists of two virtual machines a workstation running Debian and a Gateway Running on the Tor network which all communication is tunneled through.  

Getting up and running with Virtual box!

Let's head over to the VirtualBox Download. { https://www.virtualbox.org/ }

For this tutorial we will focus on Windows Installation!

Now your download should began!

The reason not to run VirtualBox at this moment is we need to add the Extension pack.

So lets head back over to the Downloads section @  { https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads }

Ok Now with VirtualBox all setup lets go and download Whonix @ { https://www.whonix.org/ }

Lets scroll down an select your operating system!

Now With VirtualBox installed, and Whonix downloaded, we are ready to deploy Whonix in our virtual environment!

Lets go to the desktop and click on { VirtualBox }

Dont be alarmed if you see mine is different its in  dark mod.

After Importing is all finish your VirtualBox GUI should look like this!

As you can see we have two VMs, one is for the gateway and the other is for the browser.

Lets get that gateway set up first.

Ok now we have our gateway all set up, lets minimize this screen making sure to leave the gateway running!

This will take some time to load!

Click on { ok }

Congratulations you are up and running with Whonix!

Just remember to always run your gateway first!

To get started with web browser.