The Dark Web.

The Dark web!

Exploring the dark web where do we start, what's all the hype?

The journey to the dark web is not that scary, but the content dug up sure can be!

What is the dark web? The dark web began as the Silk Road. The Silk Road was one of the first modern darknet markets and it relied on bitcoin for sales anonymity. A guy by the name of Ross William Ulbricht under the pseudonym “Dread Pirate Roberts” founded the Silk Road in 2011 which lasted until 2013 when the FBI caught up to Ross in that time, he was able to profit $28.5 million it was estimated that the Silk Road processed $9 billion! 

Ross Ulbricht was born on March 27, 1984, in Austin Texas, he went to West Ridge Middle School then on to Westlake High School and graduated from the University of Dallas where he got a Bachelor's degree in Physics in 2006, after that he attended Pen State were he got his Masters degree in Material Science and Engineering in 2009. Ross Ulbricht is now locked up currently serving two life sentences plus 40 years for creating and operating the Silk Road.

Ross Ulbricht had a dream, an open market where people could buy and sell whatever they wanted no government regulations, but it got very scary and the FBI did not share the same dream! This all started with a website for selling drugs the next thing you know you could hire hackers, hitmen, and any kind of illegal activity you could think of, also hackers were advertising training courses on how to hack, for a price. Ross Ulbricht laid down the foundation for the Dark Web. Today's Dark Web is still the same it just got bigger.     

The Dark Web is not all bad it does have its uses, including freedom of speech some countries control the internet, and the Dark Web allows people to talk out against abusive dictatorships. Most international governments block news on some sites as they try to hide some nasty dirty deed, as whistle-blowers share their secrets of shenanigans people and governments are trying to conceal. One thing that is very cool is that you can contact the CIA. The CIA in 2019 made its presence known so people can make contact anonymously. There are some social media platforms on the Dark Web like TorBook and BlackBook. You can listen to the radio like Deep Web Radio, and Anonymous Email Services if you need a super anonymous email one popular email service is ProtonMail, and let's not forget about uncensored news, you just never know what you will find. 

Yes, there is criminal activity happening on the Dark Web. It's just like when you go for a drive in your car and you come across this sketchy-looking place off to the side of the road do you get out of your car and have a look around, NO! That’s just like surfing the dark web don't poke around on sites bosting illegal content surf wisely! 

How does all this anonymity happen? Now we are getting to the real beans of this conversation, You surf The Dark Web using the Tor Browser. The acronym Tor is referred to as "The Onion Router" where everything is encapsulated in layers of encryption. Tor Browser sandboxes the websites you visit, this stops third-party trackers and ads so they can't follow you. Tor browser also prevents anyone from watching what websites you visit, and fingerprinting users is not easy as all Tor users look the same. The Tor browser is built for privacy and anonymity and is not connected to the World Wide Webb as it exists between Tor servers and clients.

Now you are wondering, how can I lift the veil on the Dark Web and have a look? 

Let me show you how I traverse the Dark Web. Click Here!

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                                                                                            By Nick Keenan